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The Ultimate Dog Shaming : Cute Dog Maymo

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This Is How We Are Spending Billions On The Sexual Mis-Education Of ...

The course would use “Choosing the Best,” a self-described “abstinence-focused” curriculum published by a Georgia-based company of the same name. Unless Wortham and her husband chose not to sign the letter and consent to the program, it would be 

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This Is How We Are Spending Billions On The Sexual Mis-Education Of ... - ThinkProgress

In early February, Kelly Wortham’s sixth-grade son brought home a letter from Jarrett Middle School in Springfield, Missouri. The letter, from the Missouri State University School of Social Work, informed Wortham and other parents at Jarrett that their children were “being invited to take part in an abstinence-based education program designed to reduce teen pregnancy in... The program, the letter assured, “is designed to teach teens about the benefits of choosing abstinence and how to better communicate with parents/guardians, families, and peers. ” The course would use “Choosing the Best,” a self-described “abstinence-focused” curriculum published by a Georgia-based company of the same name. Unless Wortham and her husband chose not to sign the letter and consent to the program, it would be taught to their son in the upcoming month. Wortham, concerned by what her son might be taught in their “deeply conservative state,” contacted the school and asked to see the curriculum. “We were told by the principal, the vice principal, and the health teacher that this was an abstinence-centered course but not abstinence only,” she explained. A few days later, Wortham received an email from a Jarrett Middle School employee encouraging her to “preview information about the curriculum” on its website, www. “We were looking at the [curriculum for older students], where they help you find your soulmate. It’s just stuff that really seemed to use the language of shaming and applying a Christian morality on something that from our perspective should really be about human sexuality and science. The Worthams are far from the only parents whose children will be taught courses developed by Choosing the Best. The company produces one of the most popular “abstinence-focused” curricula in the country, reaching upwards of four million students in at least 44 states and three countries. It’s commonly used in states that receive Title V funding, a federal program that provides matching grants to states that agree to implement abstinence-only-until-marriage programs, despite scientific evidence that these programs don’t meet their... In April, Congress quietly increased Title V abstinence-focused funding for the first time in the program’s nearly two-decade tenure. The boost, which was slipped into a bipartisan Medicare “doc fix” bill, provides Title V with an additional $50 million over a period of two years — a move applauded by abstinence-education advocates for its potential to help Choosing the Best... In 2014, according to public records obtained ThinkProgress, Title V grant recipients in at least 16 states used Choosing the Best. In the Worthams’ state of Missouri, Choosing the Best received $13,973 in the 2013-2014 grant year from Missouri State University, a 2014 Title V grant recipient. In Mississippi, the company received more than $19,000 from the Mississippi Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs, the state’s sole 2014 Title V recipient, and in Virginia, another 2014 Title V recipient, The Virginia’s Abstinence Education Program,... In Virginia, Louisiana, and Mississippi, the curriculum was so popular that it was the only one used among Title V grant recipients in 2014. The funding hike is troublesome to comprehensive sexual education advocates, many of whom critique... According to Nora Gelperin, the director of sexuality education and training at Advocates for Youth, Choosing the Best is “definitely towards the end of one of the worst curricula I’ve seen, mostly because of its insidious message. ” She elaborated: “When you start to look at it more closely, there’s just fear and shame. Between 1996 and 2006, federal funding for abstinence-only education programs flourished , most notably under the George W. Bush administration. In 2005, federal spending on abstinence-focused programs climbed to about $170 million — more than double what was spent in 2001 under the Clinton administration’s final budget. All told, from 1996 to 2010, Congress pumped more than 1. 5 billion taxpayer dollars into abstinence-focused programs, even as evidence against them mounted. According to Nicole Cushman, the executive director of Answer, a sexuality-education organization based at Rutgers University, abstinence programs are not just out of.


  1. The course would use “Choosing the Best,” a self-described “abstinence-focused” curriculum published by a Georgia-based company of the same name. Unless Wortham and her husband chose not to sign the letter and consent to the program, it would be 
  2. She talks like a person who knows – who knows – what's best for every other person in the world, seemingly without a moment's pause to wonder why on earth she got to be the judge. Listening to the recording of our discussion later, I cringe
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Best Dog Gone Pancakes Ever (flour, baking powder, eggs, milk, milk, salt, sugar, vegetable oil)

100% Whole Wheat Burger/Hot Dog Buns (vegetable oil, eggs, honey, yeast, salt, wheat, water, flour)

Just Right Hot Dog Chili (celery seed, chili powder, tomato, tomato, ground beef, cumin, turkey, garlic, onions, salt, tomato paste)

Best Ever Jalapeno Poppers (bacon, bread crumbs, cream cheese, flour, jalapeno, milk, vegetable oil)


100 Best Dog Shaming Moments photo - Buzznet
Here at Buzznet we've compiled our 100 favorite dog shaming moments. ... 100 Best Dog Shaming Moments ... THIS IS THE BEST ONE. Jan 08, 2013.

100 Best Dog Shaming Moments
Dog Shaming: I bring dead worms in the house and hide them for snacks later. (That's just not right)

100 Best Dog Shaming Moments photo Eavie Porter's photos ...
Even the most well-trained dogs act out on occasion. Before 2012, all a frustrated owner could do was chastise their pet and clean up the mess. Then came Dog Shaming!

100-best-dog-shaming-moments--large-msg-134885886189.jpg?post_id ...

100-best-dog-shaming-moments--large-msg-134885886189.jpg?post_id ...
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100-best-dog-shaming-moments--large-msg-134885883752.jpg?post_id ...

100-best-dog-shaming-moments--large-msg-134885883752.jpg?post_id ...
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