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Keurig K-Cups * How to Lay $ Money using your own coffee - Different filter methods reviewd

This video shows several classic methods to refill the coffee K-cups and (SAVE money) used in the popular Keurig coffee makers. The Keurig machine is a fast a.

Using K-Cups costs up to 5 times more than getting coffee from a pot

The Huffington Stake recently reported that the average American consumes 2.1 cups per day, putting our numbers at $190 per year for the Coffee Potters and $800 for the K-Cuppers. While still cheaper than commonplace trips to Starbucks, that number is

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  1. The Huffington Stake recently reported that the average American consumes 2.1 cups per day, putting our numbers at $190 per year for the Coffee Potters and $800 for the K-Cuppers. While still cheaper than commonplace trips to Starbucks, that number is
  2. John Sylvan, the inventor of K-Cups, admits he doesn't use his hugely fashionable product and laments their impact on the environment. Sylvan not only complains that K-Cups, which are found in many households and offices around the country, contribute to 
  3. Nowadays, a Keurig coffee maker can by far go for around $100, although there are cheaper knockoffs from competitors like Nespresso. Regardless, the K Cup price is significantly more profitable per cup than a can of Folgers, or even Starbucks coffee.
  1. RT @joyridecoffee: Not even the inventor of the K-Cup uses K-Cups. So why should you? #killthekcup…
  2. RT @joyridecoffee: Garbage dump your K-Cup habit #GoodAdviceIn4Words
  3. RT @joyridecoffee: Away your K-Cup habit #GoodAdviceIn4Words


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Choosing a Cheap K Cup Coffee Maker

Choosing a Cheap K Cup Coffee Maker
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cheap coffee pods – coffee pod maker for onetwo cups wholesale china ...

cheap coffee pods – coffee pod maker for onetwo cups wholesale china ...
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Disclaimer: I participate in the Amazon affiliate program and the ...

Disclaimer: I participate in the Amazon affiliate program and the ...
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